CTWC advocates for legislation and water management policies that will resolve the problems and disparities with today’s water management.

Hydrologists are telling us that unless changes are made to how we manage our water supply, our health, our safety, and our quality of life are at risk and our economic stability is threatened. We need legislative policies that reflect today’s hydrologic data, encourage conservation by all users, and achieve pricing that is fair and equitable to all.

WHY you should support CTWC:
Past droughts, changing weather patterns, a rapidly growing population, and shifting demographics have made it imperative that we modify state law to protect our citizens and safeguard the economic well-being of our state.
The lack of a reliable water supply impacts businesses. Simply put, if we do not change our water management policies to reflect today’s hydrologic information and population growth, we will not have adequate water to drink or to sustain life and business.
It’s time to make strategic, common-sense adjustments to our water laws to fairly balance the needs of all citizens and the environment and to protect and preserve our state’s most critical and irreplaceable natural resource: water.

HOW does CTWC propose to effect change?
Support legislative action that:
• Promotes fair and equitable water pricing, which will promote conservation
• Focuses on incentivizing conservation rather than using all of the water
• Makes changes to the Water Code that take into account today’s changing needs and current hydrologic data

The Highland Lake interests formed the Central Texas Water Coalition (CTWC) in 2011 to provide a unified voice to protect and represent the Highland Lakes. Today, CTWC has a membership base of more than 3,000, including municipalities, counties, water supply corporations, businesses, and citizens. CTWC is working toward water policies that eliminate the threat to health, safety and the environment, and that provide drinking water and economic stability for all Texans statewide including the Highland Lakes.

CTWC will continue promoting fair and equitable management of the Highland Lakes by the Lower Colorado River Authority and supporting the use of up-to-date research and data.

CTWC will continue to address by using legislative strategies to bring appropriate management and fair practices from a statewide perspective.

Support the CTWC’s work to advocate for responsible water management policies, equitable pricing and greater conservation by all.