The Central Texas Water Coalition (CTWC) is a 501(c)(4) nonprofit organization advocating for water policies that will preserve the Highland Lakes. It is the ONLY organization dedicated to protecting the interests of the businesses and residents of the lake region through ongoing engagement with regulatory agencies that control water policy in Texas. CTWC continues to represent lake interests by educating the public on the need for responsible water management, encouraging conservation, and urging citizen involvement to help protect the lakes and our future.

CTWC is a voluntary organization and depends on contributions from area businesses and citizens to support its efforts.

You may click here to learn more about CTWC and to donate to help us preserve and protect the Highland Lakes as irreplaceable natural resources.



Ensure Adequate Water Supplies for the Future: Best practices in water management must be applied so that Central Texas can sustain adequate water supplies for its citizens and businesses.

Transparency/Open Government: All water planning entities must openly communicate important information in a timely fashion, with openness in planning activities so that citizens can trust the honesty and fairness of decisions.

Water Conservation: Conservation policies should drive all water use decisions, including personal and business use.

Fair Water Pricing: Fair, equitable and nondiscriminatory pricing for all users leads to better conservation. Price disparities among water customers should be eliminated.

Updated Scientific Data: Real-time hydrological data should be used in water management decision-making, and adequate staff resources must be prioritized to ensure this data is a key resource.

Education: CTWC is committed to educating and advocating for regulatory and legislative policies that promote responsible water management and protect the region’s water resources.

Please support our efforts at centraltexaswatercoalition.org.