About Us

About Us

The Central Texas Water Coalition (CTWC) is a nonprofit organization advocating for policies that will preserve the Highland Lakes as irreplaceable natural resources that supply water for Central Texas’ 2 million residents and provide an important regional economic engine for the state of Texas. Partners of the coalition include lake residents, business owners, municipal officials, home owner associations, environmentalists and stakeholder organizations. All are united by their commitment to protect our future through responsible water management and conservation policies. Without action, CTWC partners realize the consequences could be dire.


In May of 2010, the Lower Colorado River Authority (LCRA) formed the Water Management Plan Stakeholders Advisory Committee to assist in updating the management plan for Lakes Buchanan and Travis. The committee consists of 16 individuals representing diverse interests including cities, industry, lake-area businesses and residents, agriculture and the environment.

After a year of meetings, it became apparent that not all viewed the lakes as a key water supply and economic engine for the region’s residents and businesses, but rather a source for large releases of water available at discounted prices far below what municipal, business and residential customers were paying.

In response, business owners and lake residents participating in the advisory committee agreed it was time to mobilize lake interests to strengthen their ability to advocate for responsible water management policies. As a result, the Central Texas Water Coalition was formed and today it has emerged as a strong, respected and effective voice for lake interests.

Mission Statement

CTWC will bring together concerned individuals and groups to constructively address water issues of the Lower Colorado River Basin. CTWC’s primary mission is to advocate for the preservation and conservation of the Highland Lakes’ water supply and water levels for the benefit of human health, safety, and recreation, and to preserve the Highland Lakes’ role as an irreplaceable economic engine for the State of Texas.

Tourism has taken a front seat in driving the economy of the Highland Lakes’ counties. Hundreds of thousands come to Burnet, Llano and Travis counties each year, taking advantage of the excellent boating, fishing, camping, cabins, lodges, Inns, spas, and dining opportunities.

CTWC’s intent is to assist in all regional efforts to market the Highland Lakes, our most precious natural resource, as a tourism destination, directly impacting and increasing our economies.

An Important Message

As an advocate for sensible water management, we rely solely on your financial support to continue protecting the water and the lakes. We hope you will consider making a contribution to CTWC, participating in our fundraising events and becoming a “Guardian of the Lakes” member. Our water supply is limited; it’s a precious, irreplaceable natural resource that must be protected for our health and safety, as well as our environmental and economic stability.

With your support, we will make certain that the voice of everyone who lives, works or relies on the lakes for water is heard when it comes to improving the management policies set for the sale, pricing, and release of water from the lakes. If we relax and think state agencies will do it for us, we run the risk of seeing history repeat itself.