How to Conserve

Water is precious

Even though approximately 71 percent of the Earth is covered by water, only about 2 percent of that is drinkable. As the population grows, the world’s water resources are being shared by a greater number of people, used to grow even more crops, and required to power expanding cities and neighborhoods.

Water is part of our lives

The reality is that almost everything we do in our day-to-day lives requires water, either directly or indirectly. The human body can’t function without it. Gardens can’t grow without it. Manufacturers can’t produce without it.

Central Texas is hurting more than most areas

Water quantity and quality is a global issue, but there are few regions in the United States that feel the impact of water scarcity like we do. We are calling on all Central Texas residents to learn how to better manage our most precious resource.

Learn how to conserve water

Only use the dishwasher and washing machine with a full load

Before washing dishes, scrape them clean instead of rinsing them

Turn off the faucet when brushing teeth, shaving and washing dishes

Take quick showers instead of baths

Install low-flow showerheads

Install a toilet tank displacement device for reducing water when flushing

Invest in energy-saving appliances

Collect rainwater for watering

Install aerators to reduce water usage in faucets

Plant native flora and drought-resistant landscaping – all homeowners have the right to install a water-efficient landscape

Put a layer of mulch around trees and plants to reduce evaporation.

Adjust sprinklers so that only your lawn is being watered – realign heads that are spraying too high in the air, onto pavement or structures, or into tall grass or shrubs

Make sure sprinkler heads haven’t been broken or knocked out of alignment

Use drip irrigation for bedded plants, shrubs, and trees to apply water directly to the roots where it’s needed

Water your lawn during the early morning hours when temperatures and wind speed are the lowest to reduce evaporation and waste

Reduce personal electrical use to directly reduce water loss

If you wash your car or boat at home, turn off the hose in between rinses or use a sprayer that will shut off until used.

Ask your city council and homeowners association to adopt water conservation programs.

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